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Intercessory Prayer Ministry


To develop and raise up mature intercessory prayer warriors that will be equipped and ready to go into battle, pulling down strongholds of the enemy, that come against our Pastor and the entire first family, leaders, ministries, and members to effect change and achieve victories so the people will develop an intimate relationship with God, live the abundance of life and experience the victory in every area of life. 





Our vision is to form a God fearing, spirit filled, body of believers who come together boldly before His throne to intercede for those who are in need of healing, who are struggling, who are in difficult circumstances, some whom are fighting for their homes and families, who are fighting despair, fear, worry or depression, those who are in need of jobs, and so much more beyond these. Our prayers not only go out for those in our own church family but also for our communities, our coworkers, our friends and family, our state, our nation, other countries and even the world as a whole.



Intercessory Prayer is held every first and third Saturday morning of every month at 9 a.m.

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