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From A  Pastor's Heart to Yours


"The Window"


Every home is Equip with Windows and in every home at lease one of those windows will serve as a lookout. A lookout for those waiting and wondering when  a child or love one will return. Perhaps It never occurred to, or entered the heart of the occupants that there would be such a window that serves as a lookout point. Countless minutes and hours would be spent staring out the window; wondering, praying and often imagining where or what, if anything, has happened to our child or loved one. Playing out various scenarios of possibilities of what could've happened and thinking about how troublesome it is to not have not yet received a call or a return home in the normal time-frame. 


The longer you look, there are times when you get angry. There will also be moments when you are willing to forgive any and all indiscretions in exchange for their safe return, whenever that may be. Though you are prepared to wait, you are yet praying their return happens sooner than later. You are so ready to be relieved of the anxiety that has been quickly building up in such a short period of time that seems like forever.  I believe that every parent will experience moments like this at some point and time during parenthood and perhaps even as grandparents. There have been instances during those times of looking out the window or when the telephone rang that have brought our fears to reality: a report that something has happened, incarceration, accident, injury or worst death.  If rebellion is the cause of the delay for the return,  the question then is why, why is the fact that he or she wants  to keep up with friends and is peer pressure getting the best of them? Is the child  going through life chances and wanting to make decisions own their own? Do they want to experience all the hype they've  heard from their peers about how great it is to be able to make your own decisions on where or what is allowed and acceptable. 


Life at the window will even have you playing guessing games with every car you see or hear approaching; wondering is it or isn't it the loved one you have longed to see.  


If the window could speak it would say by "Sharing out of my opening doesn't expedite  the process of return, it only builds pain, pain that only the sight of return can relieve." Why not use this time to refresh your faith and your belief that nothing happens except the Lord knows first and that He has prepared you over a period of time for the moments you are facing right now.  When He said in His Word, "cast your cares on me for I care for you."


I believe everyone has a window where plans are made, dreams are dreamed, hopes are dashed and pains are realized. 


There will be many times the window will be our direct site  to Heaven, as we stare out asking the Lord, when Lord when will the return take place. 


As Christians we should constantly be looking out the window of our heart  with great anticipation for the return of Jesus.


 When He arrive, He will wipe away every tear from your eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things will have passed away.”


And The Windows would no longer cease to exited or need to exit.

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