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Eagles Nest Child Care Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Eagles Nest Childcare Center, Inc is to provide a Christ-centered education, together with a quality academic education. To provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate learning environment that recognizes individual strengths and interests. We will seek to instill Christian character, values, and beliefs; to inspire your child to explore, create and play. We want to help them to develop a love for Jesus in addition to a love for learning. We will provide a variety of experiences that include daily opportunities to participate in small and large groups activities, art projects, singing, stories, outside play, open centers; there also to enrich your child in math, language, critical thinking activities, social involvement and mobile development.

Address: 6205 Woodville Highway, Tallahassee FL 32305
Contact Phone: Tianna McCullar (850) 421-6421
Days of Operation: Monday - Friday 6:30 am  - 5:30pm
Our Vision

The Vision at Eagles Nest Child Care Center, Inc will be to provide safe, wholesome, nurturing, and Christian educational experiences. Each child will be in a developmentally appropriate learning environment. The atmosphere is created for children to develop a love for learning in a Christian environment and receive an above-age level readiness for Kindergarten. Our emphasis is placed on literacy skills, social skills, emotional and physical development. Each Child’s cognitive skills are developed above the normal intellect and creative abilities. See our facilities director to get a better understanding of our daily curriculum.

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